What Is Staircase Nosing?

Staircase Nosing Explained

Nosing is an important part of any stair design, both aesthetically and in terms of functionality. It is the part at the very edge of the tread facing you as you ascend the staircase. There are a number of options available when it comes to nosing and here is a breakdown.

#1 – Standard 25mm Overhang Rounded

Here the tread protrudes over the riser and is a highly popular choice amongst homeowners. It can be stained or carpeted. If carpeted it allows the carpet to fit snugly around the contour of the round edge. Staining or painting it helps give it a contrast against the riser.

#2 – No Overhang Square

Increasing in popularity due to the boom in modern and contemporary houses being built, this profile suits all types of staircases. Here the nosing sits flush with the treads and works well stained or carpeted. This is also the primary choice if you are planning to clad your staircase with another material.



The main functional objective of staircase nosing is to provide increased safety for its users. It can help prevent slips and falls as it provides extra space for users to rest their feet when climbing up or down the stairs.

Protects The Staircase

Stair nosing can also help protect your treads from damage, wear and tear. Due to the fact that this is where most people place their feet, the edges are exposed to significant amounts of force (alongside heels and other parts of shoes). The mitigation of less damage can also mean far less maintenance in the future.

Improved Visibility

Scores of people are seriously injured each year as a result of missing a step or misjudging its depth and falling down the stairs. Nosing can improve the visibility of each of the treads by providing a clearer marker on where it ends. This is particularly useful for those with weak eyesight or where these is poor lighting conditions.

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