How Will My Stairs Arrive?

We provide the option of collecting your staircase for free, but if you have opted for delivery here is some useful information regarding the dispatch and delivery of your order.

How Will My Stairs Arrive?

Staircase Carcass


We recommend having your staircase pre-assembled, however if access is an issue you may not have a choice. If you ordered your staircase unassembled then you will receive it in the following component form:

  •           Stringers, pre-cut and housed – ready for tread and riser insertion
  •           All treads & risers for the staircase pre-cut and trenched to size
  •          Wedges & glue blocks
  •           Newel post – housed ready for the stringers
  •           Balustrade in component form (spindles, base rail & hand rail)


Pre-assembly is a free option and our team of expert joiners will assemble and dry fit your order in our workshop. In this case the main run of the staircase will be assembled (stringers, treads and risers).  The part of the staircase that come flat packed will include the newel posts, feature treads and turns (with associated risers & treads).

Newel Posts

Newel posts will be delivered at the correct length with all trenching carried out ready to accept any treads & risers and strings. Any load bearing newels asked for will be pre-cut to floor level, if you require any other newel posts to be load bearing please contact us. Please note all landing newel posts will be supplied as planed blanks 1500mm long.

Handrails & Base Rails & Spindles

All Handrail, Base Rails & Spindles will be delivered un cut (oversized).

Landing Boards does not provide landing boards for half turns, you will need to make provisions for this. Landing boards are supplied for quarter turns (without supports).

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